TTC Tutor Training Courses

To become a registered Technology Training Courses Tutor you have to apply, in writing, using the form provided. There are no costs involved and once approved you will receive an email with your login credentials and links to begin the process of developing your first course.

Prepare first

The TTC Tutor Training Courses are produced to help new tutors understand and learn the process of creating TTC courses. Each course has dependancy, so each much be taken in the correct sequence, starting with Course Preparation.

Course Preparation

Produced for potential tutors and designed to assist you to plan, prepare and lay out your courses for easier building and better student understanding.

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Course Creation

The step by step process focuses primarily on the software supplied in this website but offers tips and suggestions in a variety of areas.

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Tips & Tricks

General Tips & Tricks to help tutors use the website features to best effect and avoid common pitfalls. Look out for the Do's & Don'ts!

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Useful Articles

Knowledge is Power

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'Knowledge is Power' is a concept understood by professionals, from a wide range of industrial settings and for several years now, have shared that knowledge and expertise with students [...]