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Extending starch functionality within the legal framework

Depending upon the botanical sources from which they are isolated native starches offer already quite a wide range of physicochemical properties. Selecting the right starch source therefore can be important to obtain specific starch functionality.

The range of native starches commercially available has been extended to include not only conventional sources such as corn, wheat potato or cassava but also special native starches such as pea and rice starch showing special functional characteristics.

In order to fulfil highest processing demands of convenience and processed foods the native starch product line was complemented by more sophistically modified starches of improved functional properties and standardised performance.

In response to consumer demands for “Natural” and “Clean Label Foods”, starch manufacturers increasingly are offering physically modified starches that perform similar to chemically modified starches. These functional native starches can offer full functionality of modified food starches but allow food manufacturers to remove the additive “modified food starch” from the label and substitute it simply by “starch” of various sources, e.g. corn starch, rice starch, tapioca starch.

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