We live and work in situations which are constantly changing, and to be successful we must respond via learning to each new development. Online learning for students takes many forms, and you will probably have attended in-house presentations or travelled to courses whose aims are to update your knowledge base and train you in new systems or techniques.

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Self Evident Advantages

Online learning with Technology Training Courses is a more recent development whose advantages are immediately evident.

  • It requires a computer and little else, and the parameters are those which you yourself determine.
    • Learning preferences vary widely with individuals, and you can almost certainly identify your own ideal conditions
    • time of day, place, atmosphere, level and duration of study and so on. With TTC you can set your own schedule.
  • The computer-based programmes are a world away from the crowded lecture theatre with its endless procession of slides.
    • Instead, you will find a brief introduction, a list of topics which you can select from if some are already familiar, and a logical series of lessons which present their topics via text enriched by illustrations, video, quizzes and assessment tasks.
    • The multisensory format (sight, sound, touch) keeps your attention levels high, which in turn improves your memory of the new material.
    • You can take as much time as you need and you can repeat difficult sections.
  • The courses have been prepared by professionals within industry, recognized as specialists in their own fields.
  • On completion, you will have enjoyed a positive and varied learning experience, you will have gained new understanding, and you will have certification to prove your competence and to enhance your CV.

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