Online learning for employers needs to be clearly understood as not all the benefits are obvious.

You want your staff to be as knowledgeable and effective as possible, and in the rapidly-changing worlds of business and industry that means continually updating their skills to meet new demands. New employees also require industry introduction programmes to quickly come up to speed. In-house presentations are a frequent resource, followed by off-site courses of varying lengths – but there is a better way: online learning.

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The Smart Option

On-line learning with Technology Training Courses is the smartest and most effective of the options for a number of reasons.

  • It is undeniably convenient.
    • The employee needs little more than a computer and can study at any time and in any place, rather than disrupting the working day.
  • It is far more effective than presentations, where everyone has to learn at the same pace, because it is individual in its approach:
    • easy topics can be by-passed or studied quickly,
    • more challenging material can be studied in depth and repeated as necessary.
  • The multisensory format improves attention and thus makes the subject matter easier to remember.
  • Technology Training Courses gives you credible guarantees of your employees’ achievements:
    • the courses are created by recognised specialists in their fields, and generate graded certificates on completion.
    • apart from benefiting you, this will motivate the learner, who can add the qualification to his CV.
  • You can determine the content of the courses, the message to your staff will be consistent.
  • The implications for cost and efficiency are clear:
    • there are no travel expenses,
    • no disruption of work patterns,
    • no environmental impact.
  • Both you and your employees will appreciate the quality, flexibility and convenience offered by Technology Training Courses.

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