In depth starch courses

More in depth starch courses to come To complement the existing Introduction to Starch Technology course, our team of specialists are currently developing a range of course material to enable the more detailed study of different aspects of the starch industry.[wc_spacing size="40px"] The courses, which will be available during the early part of 2017, will [...]

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The rise of e-learning

Since the start of the century, e-learning has been transformed from a fringe application to becoming a major contributor to programmes of training and career development in industry worldwide. As you can see from the image above, the growth rate for the adoption of e-learning throughout the world from 2011 to 2016 has been staggering. [...]

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Gamification in courses

Gamification in courses, also known as "Quizzing" in the online learning business, is routinely used in a range of teaching formats, because human beings are competitive creatures and enjoy the challenge. They are often viewed more as fun than work, but they can deliver impressive gains in retention of information, and make a valuable contribution [...]

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Online Learning for Employers

Online learning for employers needs to be clearly understood as not all the benefits are obvious. You want your staff to be as knowledgeable and effective as possible, and in the rapidly-changing worlds of business and industry that means continually updating their skills to meet new demands. New employees also require industry introduction programmes to [...]

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Online Learning for Students

We live and work in situations which are constantly changing, and to be successful we must respond via learning to each new development. Online learning for students takes many forms, and you will probably have attended in-house presentations or travelled to courses whose aims are to update your knowledge base and train you in new [...]

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Online Learning for Tutors

As a tutor, you are probably accustomed to passing on your specialist knowledge in remote forms such as articles in professional journals or contributions to websites but online learning for tutors, or rather from the tutors' perspective, is something you may not have considered. You may have given informal or formal instruction, perhaps with the [...]

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Using PowerPoint as your source material

Converting PowerPoint slides, your source material, into an online course is an obvious route to take for a budding online course author. It is more than likely that you have created a few slide presentations in your career. Whether it be PowerPoint, Open Office, Keynote, Prezi, Slidedog or any of the many available slide presentation [...]

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Tutor Training Aides

Technology Training Courses are pleased to announce the arrival of a trilogy of Tutor Training Aides to help new course tutors. The TTC Tutor Training Courses will assist new tutors in understanding and learning the process of creating courses. […]

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Detmold Starch Training Course

Technology Training Courses, in association with the Detmold Institute in Germany, will be running a two day Starch Training Course for those wishing to gain a deeper understanding of starch and its current uses. […]

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