New in depth starch expert courses now available

New in depth starch expert courses are now available from the TTC range of starch courses

The first addition ‘Food and Beverages – Applications of Starch and Starch Derivatives‘ looks at the applications for starch based products in food and beverages. It explores the variety of different functional properties of starch and derivatives and links these to the required properties in particular food categories. It gives essential guidance for those involved in new product development work in the food industry.

The second addition ‘Polyols – a comprehensive insight‘ focuses on understanding the technology, production and wide ranging functional properties of polyol derivatives, together with their applications. The course offers a deeper understanding of this group of products and their uses, often providing low calorie sweeteners in food and beverage products. It also explores polyols as sustainable, renewable raw materials and polyfunctional building blocks for speciality chemicals. The course will support development technologists in speciality food products as well as those involved in eco-friendly, non-food products and their creation.

These two in depth courses together with the ‘Introduction to Starch Technology for non-technical managers‘, are part of the growing range of informative detail available to those interested in learning more about the production, applications and properties of starch products today.


Food Safety Management – Principles and Annual Training Record

The basics and principles of a food safety management system will create a training record and auditing record.

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Industrial Starch Binders

Learn about the use of native and modified starches as sustainable binders in the compacting of powders and dusts to pellets, briquettes and other formed pieces.

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Starch Application in Paper Making and Corrugating

A detailed overview is given on the application of starch during the various stages of paper making: Wet-end, Spraying, Surface Sizing, and Coating. 

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Starch Structure and Properties

Starch is explained as well in its structure as in its general properties. This is the basis for understanding starch functionality in all applications.

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Two further courses, ‘Starch Hydrolysis – a comprehensive insight‘  and ‘Starch Modification – extending starch functionality‘ will be also available shortly.


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