Each lesson can now be created:

It is important to remember always that the students are NOT in the room with you. Therefore the content of each lesson needs to be able to stand on its own – you are not there to expand or explain further, so the level of detail needs to be very explicit.

  • Start by using bullet points – topics to be covered, maybe in question form.
  • Present the topics + questions/assignments if appropriate
    • it is vital to place each topic within general context.
  • Use clear diagrams and illustrations where possible; use an easy layout
    • try not to keep referring to previous or subsequent pages.
  • End with bullet points
    • summarise topics in different terms from opening bullet points, e.g.
      • answering questions posed
      • self-assessment task, or
      • more general assignment
        • e.g. “Using the material from this section, plan a short presentation for your colleagues on….”