The US account for ~50% of the global starch production and corn is the dominant starch source worldwide.

On a global basis ~70% of the starch production is converted to sugar sirups. These find their way into the food industry as sweeteners and the fermentation industry. The fermentation industry produces speciality chemicals, pharmaceuticals but also an increasing volume of bio-ethanol.

The conversion ratio in Europe is only 56% due to a lower production of Ethanol from starchy raw materials.

Only ~30% are sold as starches. A slight majority of them is chemically modified, the balance native starches.

~70% of the total European starch production is used for industrial, only ~30% for food and pharmaceutical applications

~90% of the industrial starches are consumed by paper, corrugating and paper processing.

For starches the industrial sector and here especially the paper industry are the most important consumers. Without the industrial sector the structure of the starch industry would be different.