Your course description is a summary statement that informs the student about the subject matter, the approach, breadth and applicability of the course.

It should contain the key words/topics which will be repeated throughout the learning process, e.g. Chemistry, Law, Marketing.

Repetition is an effective learning tool.

Students increasingly use mobile devices, therefore short, to-the-point course descriptions fit this medium perfectly.

What the description is NOT:

This ‘negative’ list has proven a good way to describe what we are attempting to accomplish in a course description.

  • It is NOT an argument about any of the points of view presented in the course. That is the work of a lessons. A student simply needs to be able to tell from the description whether the course is relevant to his or her course of study.
  • It is NOT a marketing platform. We simply want to provide students with a useful tool for planning their development.
  • It is NOT a technical manual. Limit your description so it simply identifies the general area under consideration and provide references for further reading if appropriate.