At the end of the course draw all the topic knowledge together, emphasising the main themes and the most important areas together.

Do not introduce any new material.

Course Creation Conclusion

  • Clear, factual statement of the subject area
  • State the course level
  • Create a summary statement detailing the subject matter, approach, breadth and applicability
  • Include keywords/key topics
  • Keep it concise
  • Expand the subject description
  • State who will benefit
  • Explain what prior knowledge is needed
  • Outline expected achievements or goals
  • Concise background
  • Place the subject into context
  • Explain the importance
  • Establish a logical framework
  • Summarise the main topics
  • Explain what preparation is required
  • Remember you will not be there to explain or expand
  • Use bullet points or questions to start with
  • Use diagrams, illustrations, video
  • Do not refer to earlier content
  • Use different bullet points to summarise
  • Answer questions posed, set self-assessment tasks or general assignments

What Next?

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