‘Knowledge is Power’ is a concept understood by professionals, from a wide range of industrial settings and for several years now, have shared that knowledge and expertise with students via online learning. Many were already accustomed to passing on their specialist knowledge in remote forms such as articles in professional journals or contributions to websites. They may have given informal or formal instruction, perhaps with the aid of slides, and in lecture or presentation formats. Creating courses for online learning is the logical extension of these processes, since it draws on a range of methods and styles and can reach a very wide audience.

Online learning has the distinct advantage of accessibility: the business workplace is often highly-structured, and it is not easy for the time-pressed employee to travel to scheduled courses which may be at a distance, involving further time and expense. By contrast, online learning requires little more than a computer and can be undertaken at times and locations of the learner’s choice. So your course can reach many more people than conventional formats, whilst achieving a minimal impact on the environment.

There are fewer of us in these roles these days, so I felt this a good way to spread my understanding profitably.

Process development manager, Food Industry

Helping others expand knowledge through my experience and training was rewarding in all senses!

Carbohydrate chemist, Food Industry

I wanted to find a way of generating some extra income through my professional knowledge – and this was an effective route.

Chemical engineer, Confectionery Industry

The more people that understand the value of ‘good food’ the better for us all. This helped me to spread better understanding.

Nutritionist, Food Industry

The ability to help others to make objective assessments was fulfilling.

Purchasing manager, Paper & Board Industry

The ability to allow people to work remotely on personal development is a rewarding approach.

Training manager/HR, Product Security

The better understanding I could help foster at the same time as generating potential revenue was a very positive feeling.

Customer technical support manager, Food Industry

You will already have considerable resources at your disposal – your own knowledge and experience, all the articles and presentations you have stored, and good contacts within industry to keep you aware of its changing needs for training, upgrading and career enhancement. TTC’s online teaching platform lets you reshape these resources into a highly-effective and saleable form of instruction.

The courses you create, when followed by your students, have advantages far beyond simple convenience and cost. They will be structured so that the over-arching framework is always evident for reference; they will allow individual choice so that easy or familiar material can be studied quickly or omitted, while more challenging topics can be studied at length and repeated at will; the modes of presentation are varied, holding the learner’s attention and making the material more memorable – a typical lesson might include text, illustrations, diagrams, video, audio, quizzes, games and assessment tasks.

Valuable way to use my experience!

Applications specialist , Food industry

I found creating and developing a course for others a rewarding experience

Applications specialist, Paper industry
Puts my knowledge to good use.
Quality Assurance manager, Petrochemical company

Very enjoyable and rewarding way to benefit from my experience.

Product development technologist, Paper Industry

Being able to track and measure progress benefits both you – since you can gauge the effectiveness of your material and modify it – and your students, who gain proof of success and enhancement of their CVs. All courses can be officially validated and have accompanying certification on completion.

As you read the comments in the two sections above, and consider what they have in common, you may recognise yourself in many of them! If so, perhaps you should consider joining this fast-growing group of professional online Tutors.