Starch Hydrolysis – a comprehensive insight

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Starch Hydrolysis – a comprehensive insight

By: Dr Michael Radeloff…
  • Learn how the starch macromolecule is broken down by chemical and enzymatic hydrolysis in an industrial refinery process to obtain syrups and powders of high nutritive value and different grades of sweetness.
  • Refinery products described here include glucoses, dextrose, maltose, fructose and maltodextrin.
  • Beyond sweetness these refinery products provide a range of physicochemical properties that are looked at with respect to the commercial interest they find in specific food, pharmaceutical and technical applications.
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September 20th, 2016|Food Ingredients, Starch|Comments Off on Starch Hydrolysis – a comprehensive insight

About the Author:

Dr Michael Radeloff is a carbohydrate chemist from Hamburg University. He held several international management positions in the starch industry in R&D, Product Development and Marketing. Michael is the owner of Thales-Consult Berlin, a long established consultancy specialised in renewable agricultural raw materials, their derivatives and applications. The consultancy services are addressing client product development strategies, are analysing market opportunities, provide technical product application assessments and develop in-house customer training programmes.

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