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Preparing a course

By: Tech Support

This course is aimed at potential tutors and is designed to enable you to plan, prepare and lay out your course so that the process of building it becomes easier, and the result more effective for the student.

Although courses will vary in size, subject matter or complexity, a structured approach will help you plan and develop your course and lessons to effectively reach desired instructional goals.

A student coming to a new subject needs firstly a simple, compact ‘story’, a brief clear narrative framework on which to locate the subsequent new material in logical and meaningful sequence. The better the introduction, the easier the learning process will be. E.g.:-

  • Question: “Why am I studying carbohydrate reactions?”
  • Answer: “To understand how the composition of the ingredient may comply or fail to comply with EU legislation referred to in the Introduction.”

We suggest using a notepad to sketch out your initial plan.
A word processor.