Feeding 7 billion people – Safely

“Food Safety Management – Principles and Annual Training Records”  is a compact new course which covers all the essential aspects of food safety. In a world where 7 billion people must be fed, the establishment of safety principles for raw ingredients, production processes, packaging and storage is vital. This course sets out the commonest food [...]

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Detmold Starch Training Course

Starch Introduction Seminar - Developing a deeper insight into the starch industry – A two-day course for those wishing to gain understanding of starch and its uses today. Technology Training Courses, in association with AGF Detmold Institute in Germany, will be again be running this two day Starch Training Course. Being held at Detmold, Germany, [...]

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The rise of e-learning

Since the start of the century, e-learning has been transformed from a fringe application to becoming a major contributor to programmes of training and career development in industry worldwide. As you can see from the image above, the growth rate for the adoption of e-learning throughout the world from 2011 to 2016 has been staggering. [...]

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