Who would become a tutor?

The quick answer is anyone, however the actual answer depends on your knowledge, skills, capability and time.

Many specialists that have been involved in a particular aspect of industry become consultants towards the end of their careers; these people are fast becoming the mainstay of TTC Tutors. However, retired professionals are generally considered our prime tutor material.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t supplement your income even while you hold down a full time job. Many of our tutors are exactly those people. It just means you have less free time to devote to the creation of your courses.

What does it cost?

There are no costs involved, other than time and some patience.

The process is pretty straight forward and we ask that you complete a short application form and agree to our Terms u0026amp; Conditions.

To become a tutor we expect you to complete the training courses we have prepared so that they have an understanding of the course requirements, how to use the website to create courses and learn some basic tips and tricks to get you started.

Full support is provided by email and in some instances we will arrange remote screen sharing sessions to help isolate and resolve any technical problems.


Why become a TTC tutor?

Becoming an accredited TTC tutor and successfully creating your online course gives you the possibility to reach a potential global audience and market in any chosen field.

TTC courses are mostly paid courses, built for a specialist market, but we do offer and encourage tutors to produce sample course that are free but the primary reason to become a TTC tutor is the create a revenue stream for yourself that generates an income 24/7.


What am I paid?

  • The creator of the tutorial sets the initial price for the course. So the amount you set is the amount you receive. We will, of course, need to validate that the price set is reasonable and marketable. If there is an issue we will contact you to discuss the price further*.
  • TTC arranges a peer review of the course and will feedback any comments via the editorial board. Any adjustments to the course, now or in the future, are moderated.
  • TTC creates a product that can be purchased, which in effect makes the course live and accessible to the public. We add a percentage charge for reviewing, managing, distributing and marketing the course through our network; together with the extensive support provided. However 100% of the revenue from the first two sales is retained by TCC for set up costs*.

How am I paid?

TTC will pay the tutor at the end of each quarter following successful sale of your course or courses.

Payments will be made by electronic funds transfer to the tutor’s bank in Sterling, for which account details will be required. Your bank details can be supplied at any stage using the page found in the menu that is made available to you only when you are logged in.

* The difference between the price you set and the price seen on the website is explained in more detail in the Tutor Pricing page, which becomes available from the main menu after you become a tutor.

TTC Training Courses

Course Preparation

Produced for potential tutors and designed to assist you to plan, prepare and lay out your courses for easier building and better student understanding.

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Course Creation

The step by step process focuses primarily on the software supplied in this website but offers tips and suggestions in a variety of areas.

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Tips & Tricks

General Tips & Tricks to help tutors use the website features to best effect and avoid common pitfalls. Look out for the Do's & Don'ts!

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