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Technology Training Courses is an online training platform that provides specialist training courses. Our technology training courses are produced by experts and professionals in their given fields. The courses are the result of many years experience and are aimed at young professionals just starting out, those moved from one business area to another, long term professionals looking to upgrade their experience and anyone wanting to gain from the knowledge and experience of our team.

Technology Training Courses – has benefits


Getting to and from a place of learning, and the time required, is often the biggest limitation to learning. This applies to both instructors or organisers and the learners, all of whom need to be available and in the same place at the same time for face-to-face instruction. Eliminating this requirement ensures everyone involved can participate at a time, a duration, and a location that suits each individual.


Grading test papers is tedious and time consuming. Most standardised tests still rely on evaluation techniques that take time to produce results. Ask any student about delayed feedback and they will all tell you it is painful. Most online learning systems provide online ‘quizzes’ and other tools providing course progress, ongoing evaluation and instant feedback.


Not all courses are created equal but the good ones will come with good design making the user experience far better than traditional systems. Many courses are able to provide a variety of interactive elements including multimedia making online instruction a richer and more effective learning experience than traditional methods and as a result retention is greatly improved.


Once you remove the limitations of geography, expertise is free to travel anywhere and everywhere. Online training thereby provides information on highly specialised subjects to reach more people.


Without the need for printed text books, industry experts and specialists can produce courses of current knowledge and experience previously unavailable to bricks and mortar teaching systems.


Globalised companies, tele-working practices and high internet usage together with online learning will help prepare employees to excel in today’s virtual office environments.

Technology Training Courses – made simple

Find & Click

Find the course you want, click ‘Take this course’ and simply ‘Enroll Now’.

Register & Pay

Complete the billing page to register, review and place your order.

Check email

Check emails for login details, order reciept and order completion.


Login using the My Account menu, go to your course, start learning, monitor progress.

It really is that easy. Browse to find the course that interests you, if it has a free introductory course take it to sample what’s possible…if not simply click enroll to purchase and receive login details.

Our CEO says…

Technology Training Courses offer the opportunity to learn from a network of accredited industry experts and professionals who are specialists in their own field, delivering courses tailored to your career needs.

This is convenient in several ways: you can learn where and when you wish, using your time efficiently; you can learn at your own pace, repeating difficult material or speeding through easier or more familiar material; you can follow up links and suggestions for further study in areas of particular interest to you.

Your learning process will be validated by certificates with assured recognition within the industry, enhancing your CV as well as your personal effectiveness and knowledge base.

Become a tutor

Technology Training Courses Tutors are expected to enroll in our training courses. You will not be alone as all tutors can discuss issues and get help from TTC’s own technical support team and in some circumstances we can put you in touch with experienced tutors.

To become a registered Technology Training Courses Tutor you have to apply, in writing, using the form provided. There are no costs involved and once approved you will receive an email with your login credentials and links to begin the process of developing your first course.

Latest Courses from Technology Training Courses

These courses are commercial courses. Prices may vary depending on length, complexity and may be subject to change without notice. Note that many courses do provide a free first lesson, so you can get a taste for the course before you buy. You can now take advantage of our new saving bundles and take 4 or 8 courses at reduced cost.


Food Safety Management – Principles and Annual Training Record

The basics and principles of a food safety management system will create a training record and auditing record.

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Starch Structure and Properties

Starch is explained as well in its structure as in its general properties. This is the basis for understanding starch functionality in all applications.

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Starch Application in Paper Making and Corrugating

A detailed overview is given on the application of starch during the various stages of paper making: Wet-end, Spraying, Surface Sizing, and Coating. 

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Industrial Starch Binders

Learn about the use of native and modified starches as sustainable binders in the compacting of powders and dusts to pellets, briquettes and other formed pieces.

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Starch Hydrolysis – a comprehensive insight

Understanding the range of products obtained by industrial starch hydrolysis processes, their physiochemical properties and industrial use

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Starch Modification – extending starch functionality

Learn about starch modification and the performance characteristics of modified starches in typical applications

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